35th Vattenfall BERLIN HALF MARATHON Inline Skating on 29 March 2015

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Online-Registration 35th Vattenfall BERLIN HALF MARATHON Inline Skating

The registration is possible until 2015-03-06 unless the participation limit has been reached.
Participation limit: 2,500

Before we send you over to the general registration, we would like to ask to you first fill out an initial assessment of your individual health risk for participating in sports, the so-called “Personal Activity and Prevention Screening Test (PAPS Test)”. This “online preventive medical exam” will provide you with a basis for your next doctors visit or check up in just 2-3 minutes. The test is recommended by both the German Athletics Association and in a similar form by the German Society for Sports Medicine and Prevention as an important tool for prevention. Regular physical activity has a positive effect on one’s health and is recommended by the German Olympic Sports Association and all medical societies. Participation in sports, however, is no guarantee for a risk-free health status. Familial anamnesis, as well as lifestyle risk factors can be in part unrelated to one’s training condition, and one should be aware of them ahead of time. For this reason, please be honest with yourself in answering the questions. This questionnaire has the intent of making you aware of your physical condition; there are no consequences relating to your right to participate. The resulting recommendation from the questionnaire is for your personal and voluntary utilisation. The PAPS test does not replace a visit to the doctor and cannot give 100% certitude about any existing or developing risks. Such a test can, however, give you and your doctor important indications as to what you should have investigated at your next doctor’s visit.

Your personal data will not be provided to the event organiser. It will only be used in anonymous and encrypted form for research purposes by the Department of Sports Medicine of the Humboldt University of Berlin. The study has been registered and approved by the data protection officials of the Humboldt University of Berlin. The data protection officials of the Humboldt University of Berlin are in charge of the data collection, anonymisation, analysis, and use of the data.

You can register online at MikaTiming. You can pay by credit card. After the successful registration you instantly receive your confirmation by email. You can pay via credit card (VISA, Eurocard). After the successful registration, you will receive a confirmation letter via Email.


Terms of participation

Here you will find our terms of participation which apply to all our races.

The skating package 2015

Race numbers for the Vattenfall BERLIN HALF MARATHON, the Vattenfall City-Night and the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON Inline Skating

Berlin is always worth a trip, and the SCC EVENTS inline skating races are a must for every skater... as is the season package 2015! That means that you can participate in all three races for only 99 Euros and save up to 49 Euros vis-à-vis the individual prices. Please note: It is not possible to deduct already existing single registrations from the total amount. Closing date is at March 6, 2015.

Click here to register for the season package.

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